Thursday, February 19, 2015

Free Download Windows Server 2003 ISO File

Windows Server 2003, it is a high performance and stable OS for the server at this time, it improves your network and develop Windows Server 2003 ISO image file from here
Windows Server 2003 (sometimes referred Win2K3) is a server operating system produced by Microsoft, published April 24, 2003.

Free Download Windows Server 2003 ISO File

The following features are new to Windows Server 2003:

  • The improvements to Active Directory, such as the ability to disable the classes of the schema, or to run multiple instances of the directory server 2003.
  • Internet Information Services.
  • Significant improvements in Message Queuing
  • Windows Server 2003 to manage your server - an administrative management tool role that allows an administrator to choose what functionality the server should provide
  • Enhancements to Group Policy handling and administration
  • Windows Server 2003 provides a backup system to restore lost files
  • Improved disk management, including the ability to save files of shadows, which allows backup of open files.
  • Improved scripting and command-line tools, which are part of Microsoft's initiative to bring a complete command shell for the next version of Windows
  • Windows Server 2003 Support for a "watchdog" hardware-based, which can restart the server if the operating system does not respond within a certain period of time.
  • The ability to create a rescue disk has been removed for ASR

Download R2 Standard 32-bit image of Windows Server 2003 (Original)

Download windows Server 2003 ISO R2 32-bit

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