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Free Download Microsoft Office 2008 for MAC OS X ISO File

Download Microsoft Office 2008 iso for Mac: Iso Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac is a version of the Microsoft Office productivity suite for Mac OS X. Office 2004 for Mac (which has Intel native code) is replaced and Mac OS X is the equivalent of Office 2007.

Microsoft Office 2008 iso was developed for the Macintosh Business Unit at Microsoft and released on January 15, 2008. Office 2008 was the last version of Office for Mac to support Mac OS X Tiger (10.4.9 or later) and Mac PowerPC processor (G4 or higher), and new Macs with Intel processors.

Download Microsoft Office 2008 iso for Mac

In June 2008, Microsoft announced that it is exploring the idea of ​​bringing some of the functionality of Excel Solver again. In late August 2008, Microsoft announced that a new Solver for Excel 2008 was available as a free download from Frontline Systems, the original developers of the Excel Solver.

Microsoft Office 2008 iso was followed by Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 published on 26 October 2010, which requires a Mac with an Intel processor and Mac OS version 10.5 or later. Office 2008 is the latest to offer Entourage, which was replaced by Outlook in Office 2011.

Features of Microsoft Office 2008 iso

Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac iso includes the same core programs currently included with Office 2004 for Mac: Entourage, Excel, PowerPoint and Word.

Only for Mac features included are a design view of the publication, which provides similar functionality to Microsoft Publisher for Windows, a "mode of sheet accounting" in Excel to facilitate financial tasks, and a "My Day" app provides a quick way to see the day's events.

Microsoft Office 2008 iso compatible with the new Office Open XML format, and default save all files in this format. On February 21, 2008 Geoff Price revealed that updating the format conversion Office 2004 would be delayed until June 2008 to provide the first update for Office 2008.

Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications is not supported in this release.

As a result, such supplements depends Excel VBA, as Solver, are not included in the current version.

However, Excel 2008 also lacks other features like Pivot Chart functionality, which has long been a feature of the Windows version. In May 2008, Microsoft announced that VBA will be making a comeback in the next version of Microsoft Office for Mac. Download Microsoft Office 2008 iso for Mac Download Microsoft Office 2008 iso for Mac Download Microsoft Office 2008 iso for Mac

AppleScript and Open Scripting Architecture still be compatible.

Download Microsoft Office 2008 iso for Mac OS X Free

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